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When collaboration, cooperation, learning and efficiency are top priorities, bringing in strategic illustration allows you to focus on the task at hand, make new connections, and develop stronger solutions. Adding large-scale graphics to a discussion can change perspectives, clarify expectations, validate your decisions and leave you with a tangible reference for future activity. Strategic Illustration services are a perfect addition to brainstorming sessions, strategic planning and keynote speakers.

Barrier Island Visuals always creates custom illustrations based on your unique goals. Take a peek at the illustration services below to understand more about the options available.

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording captures the words of the group and allows participants to see what is actually being said. It’s also one of Barrier Island’s most popular offerings. The group’s statements and questions are captured in small phrases and colorful line art on large mural paper. The recorder draws live as the meeting unfolds, acting as a “silent scribe,” speaking up only to ensure that the team’s thoughts are accurately captured. Graphic Recording is often used to support a keynote speaker, giving the group an illustrated “group memory” for a specific event or presentation.

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation combines strategic illustrations with facilitation skills. Live, large-scale illustrations are created in front of a group allowing the group members to think more dynamically as the facilitator moves the group toward a common objective. The facilitator spends time before the meeting preparing an orderly but flexible process model that: 1. allows the group to efficiently collaborate 2. creates opportunity for all members to contribute and 3. allows for the discovery of new insights by the group.

Custom Templates

Custom Templates  can be large or small in scale and provide a unique way to guide individuals through a process. Customized templates can be created prior to a meeting to complement the agenda and help the group understand the process for the meeting. Alternatively, they can be created to stand alone as a worksheet or used as a “call-out” in support of narrative copy.

Custom Illustration

Custom Illustrations are used in a wide variety of situations from personalized stationery to technical instructions. Custom illustrations serve a particular purpose and provide a unique and engaging way to represent complex data, support a distinct point of view or present an accepted idea in a new way. Barrier Island’s bright whimsical style is perfect for conveying the idea that a concept is easy-to-learn. Custom illustrations may be used in conjunction with other strategic illustrations, but are not created in front of a live audience.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk Signs are a fun and popular way to grab attention and deliver updated messages to consumers when they are walking in your door. Consider using sidewalk signs as a quick snapshot when you only have 2-3 seconds to make a positive impact.

Window Art

Window Art  is similar to sidewalk signs, in that it is used to quickly grab attention in just a few seconds. It differs in that it is designed to last longer than a sidewalk sign. Barrier Island’s window art is created with washable tempera paint with a lighthearted approach that leans into the concepts of fun and positivity.

“I never read, I just look at pictures.”

Andy Warhol